According to the dynamic evolution of the trading needs in Romania, we would like to accomodate the participants in the centralized markets organized by TXP:
Participation to trading is allowed for the holders of a supply or trading license, who have previously obtained the OTS agreement regarding the registration of concluded transaction notifications within the centralized market segments.

List of tradable products within the medium and long-term market of standardized products, offered by the TXP platform

The standard products for sale/purchase that can be traded on the TXP platform have the following characteristics:
Standard Products for medium and long-term delivery:

calendar week (Wxx_20xx)

calendar week (Wxx_20xx)

calendar quarter (Qx_20xx)

calendar season (summer season April 1st year [x] - September 30th year [x], respectively, winter season October 1st year [x] - March 31st year [x + 1]) (Season x_20xx)

winter season October 1st year [x] - March 31st year [x + 1]) (Season x_20xx)

calendar year (Cal_20xx)

gas year (GY_20xx)


Our mission is to provide natural gas suppliers and brokers with a platform that will allow them to focus on what is important: natural gas trading.

Trade like a professional

We offer brokers everything they need to plan assets and take positions in the natural gas market.

Eliminating bureaucracy

Let the platform generate all the contracts you need, the reports and documentation related to each transaction.

Automating manual tasks

Innovation is one of our core values: we created the TXP platform to free brokers from repetitive tasks.

Modern platform

The transactions are made on a new platform, adapted to brokers’ needs, with advanced technical analysis tools.

Fast and secure transactions

Benefit from integrated trading signals, news feeds and innovative risk management features.

Intuitive information

The TXP platform has everything you need: from an impressive user interface to full access to multiple markets.

Simplicity and efficiency

The TXP platform is easy to use, provides you with real-time graphics, news and analyses that can be customized.

One broker per account

We eliminate time-consuming tasks that bring no value, so you can take care of your company account.

Would you like to trade quickly and safely through a modern and intuitive platform?

Be free of bureaucracy and time-consuming manual processes.

Download trading documents

Trade without bureaucracy: the platform generates all the contracts, reports and documentation needed for each transaction.

Documents are not yet translated to English.